MTH 23 – A01

Probability and Statistics

MTH 23 (A01)
Bronx Community College
Fall 2017
Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:35 AM – 9:50 AM
Bliss Hall 104

Link to Syllabus (includes the course outline, information about the textbook and calculator)
Link to main course page (includes supplementary material and the review packet)

Office Hours: Mondays & Wednesdays 12-1 in CP 113

Email: \textrm{aabdulquader} AT \textrm{}

Grading Rubric:

  • 35% Final Exam
  • 15% x 3 in-class and/or take-home exams
  • 20% homework and quizzes

All tests will be cumulative. Homework is assigned frequently, though often only a portion of the homework must be turned in. Students are expected to complete all homework problems, regardless of whether they must be turned in or not; this is so that you can come to class prepared with questions if you are confused about how to solve any of the problems. The syllabus (above) contains many suggested exercises for each topic. There may also be (announced or unannounced) quizzes throughout the semester.

Collaboration Policy: You are encouraged to discuss homework assignments with other students. You must complete the assignment on your own, however. There is a clear difference between copying someone else’s work and discussing a problem with another person. The latter is encouraged. Plagiarising another student’s work can lead to academic sanctions as per CUNY’s Academic Integrity Policy.

Please note: when collaborating with other students, all students should write the names of all collaborators on their papers. Unless otherwise noted, collaboration will be allowed on any homework assignment, and will not be allowed on an exam (in-class or take-home).

Late Homework Policy: Written assignments that are not turned in the day that they are due are considered late. Note: this remains the case even if you cannot come to class (due to illness or other emergency) the day that the work is due (or the day it is assigned). If you cannot make it to class, you may email the work to me (scanned or by taking clear pictures with your phone) and bring in the hard copy the next class meeting. In that case, I will count the homework as on­ time. I reserve the right to not accept late homeworks in the case of a student consistently missing assignments. Late homeworks, if accepted, will be given a grade of 50% or worse.

Homework 1: Due Tuesday, September 12.

Homework 2: Due Tuesday, September 19.

Exam #1: Thursday, 10/5. Review Problems.

Homework 3: Due Thursday, November 9.

Exam #2: Thursday, November 16. Review Problems.

Exercises (week of 11/27)

Final Exam: Tuesday, December 19. Review Packet (from the math department).