Homework 7

Optional exercises for Chapter 7:

Section 7.1 #3-4, 5(a), 10-11, 27, 32, 35-36

Section 7.2 #1-6, 13(b, c), 21, 37

Section 7.3 #1-2, 7-18, 24-25

Due Thursday, 11/10:

Read chapter 8 (on probability) and write an outline for it. Make sure you cover all the important concepts and definitions introduced in this chapter. Give examples for each topic.

You can use any outline form you like, just make sure you delineate clearly between high level topics (typically using Roman numerals), subtopics (typically using capital letters), and examples (typically using numerals).

Your outline should be a maximum of 5 pages, either written legibly or typed.

As always, it must be stapled. I reserve the right to not accept outlines that are not stapled.